Knowing-How vs. Knowing-That

Philosophers have long recognized the difference between two types of knowledge: knowing-how and knowing-that, where (roughly and very informally) the former is typically associated with skills and abilities, and the latter is associated with propositions (truths/established facts). In our everyday discourse we use the word ‘know’ for both types of…

(Last updated April 28, 2021)

Note: The literature on ‘compound nominals’ is immense, and you will find the same phenomenon discussed under the label ‘compound nominals’ or ‘nominal compounds’ — so, I will use these terms interchangeably.

What are Nominal Compounds and why do they Matter?

In simple words, a nominal compound (henceforth, NC) is 0 or more adjectives…

Walid Saba, PhD

Principal AI Scientist, ONTOLOGIK.AI

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